Tuesday, February 22, 2005


So let me tell you about a great restaurant you should go to in COLA, especially if you want to eat somewhat healthy: It's called BIRD ON A WIRE. Great chicken place...

Let me tell you about the difference a couple of days on an adhd drug make... it's pretty awesome. You focus like a lazer beam on the craziest things and you get everything done... and then some! Like simple things... last night, I decided to do all the dishes. DONE. All of them. Talk about motivation. Then, I started tackling laundry! I've still got more to do but more than 1/2 of the MOUNTAIN of laundry I had is now GONE! It's pretty amazing... You get onto a task... and you get it done!

Tonight should be interesting... I am training again. For whatever reason, the last couple of times, I started training and stopped because what I thought were life issues got in the way. This time, for me, I feel like it's all about LIFE that I am back in. The realization that if I don't, things could be very, um, interesting in life to say the least, has become a motivator. Life is a powerful motivator. Especially when you know you're doing it for your health more than any other thing.

Speaking of health, I got great news from a friend today that inspired me. She's LSJ, and if you know her, you know that she's like family to me and many others I know...

... well, for the first time in 8 1/2 years, she's cancer free.

An amazing miracle for an amazing person... who has been a valued counsel to me lately... Thank you GOD for healing my friend LSJ and for letting her have her life to live for another day...

OK, I am out. Hope you are well... thanks for reading... and please keep me in your thoughts... back there in the back of your mind with the other things you keep back there... ;)

.... the soon to be much healther tk