Monday, February 28, 2005

Sorry it's been a few days....

I know. I've let the BLOG slide while I've been out doing the things I have to do around here.

I am ok. On a professional level, things are excellent. ON a life level, things are interesting on 2500 calories a day LOL.... Actually, It's funny, people have been asking me about the health stuff, and it's really OK, people. Don't worry. I'm aware of what factors have caused it, and I am aware of what factors will fix it...

... so I won't be dying anytime soon ;)

But it's still one of those things which stays at the forefront of your mind... but the good thing is that it was/is a catalyst which caused me to make serious changes in the way I operate.

Speaking of things which I've been "getting" lately as I try to improve myself... I've discovered a new philosophy which is pretty awesome... and it's got just 4 letters to it... CANI.

More on that later. Let me just say that it's really opened my mind and unleashed some things... I am psyched about it!

Mas tarde...


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  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    TK -

    I wanted to tell you that I've learned to let go of a lot of past mistakes. God, we all make them, don't we? Sometimes, the greatest feeling of release comes when you let go of things.

    Just let go, TK, and watch what happens, ok? And be a great daddy to your beautiful little girl :)