Monday, February 28, 2005

Sorry it's been a few days....

I know. I've let the BLOG slide while I've been out doing the things I have to do around here.

I am ok. On a professional level, things are excellent. ON a life level, things are interesting on 2500 calories a day LOL.... Actually, It's funny, people have been asking me about the health stuff, and it's really OK, people. Don't worry. I'm aware of what factors have caused it, and I am aware of what factors will fix it...

... so I won't be dying anytime soon ;)

But it's still one of those things which stays at the forefront of your mind... but the good thing is that it was/is a catalyst which caused me to make serious changes in the way I operate.

Speaking of things which I've been "getting" lately as I try to improve myself... I've discovered a new philosophy which is pretty awesome... and it's got just 4 letters to it... CANI.

More on that later. Let me just say that it's really opened my mind and unleashed some things... I am psyched about it!

Mas tarde...