Thursday, February 17, 2005

Road Trips...

Driving really clears my head. Especially when it's a quick drive up the road to Charlotte... Last night, I went off on another one of those drive. Had dinner with some friends and associates at the Capitol Grille in Charlotte. It reminded me of the times in Tampa when Stan, myself, our old boss and his family and some others would roll into Shulas... It was one of *those* nights... LOL...

At any rate, it's always good for me at least to hit the road to be alone with just the music, my thoughts and with really no set direction. Some of the best self therapy I've ever found has been behind the wheel... You outta try it.

I've taken some decisive action with my own life lately. I'll get into more of it later, but I've decided some things... and those small decisions are truly the catalyst for some much larger changes which are coming with me personally... more on that soon!

Back to work for me,


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  1. Anonymous1:50 AM


    Sounds like things are going better for you. Hope your decisions work out for the best.