Monday, February 21, 2005

Nothing like going to the doc...

... and finding out the things you've gone through lately have caused your blood pressure to shoot up...

... but the best thing is that there is something I can do about it, and I am!

The funny thing is anxiety... like, I don't normally show much emotion on the things which are hurting or bothering me... I kinda internalize it and fight through it, but now, that internalization has become one of several factors which have elevated my stress levels! THANK GOD FOR WELLBUTRIN!

Don't worry... I will be fine... if I do the things I need to do to reduce stress and things which cause anxeity, stay focused on the treatment plan, and make the real changes in life I need to make in the areas that need to be changed.

For guys - If you think you've got some things which have caused you stress that you're not sharing, don't wait until you one morning feel real pains in your chest or something to go see a doctor. Don't think that "i'll get through it because this is just a situation I've caused which I can handle if I just work on it". Your body sends you messages... and you're the only one who can tell what they are. When you get a message - get to an MD.

Into the world of work I go. I'll write more soon...



  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Hey...Hope you feel better and take care of yourself,eventually things will get better.

  2. Hope you feel better! Just do what the doc says and in no time I am sure you will be much better!

  3. Susan and Kristin...

    Thank you both for writing! I feel fine... but I am really aware of what I need to do to make sure that I stay healthy...

    ... when you're confronted with life, and things you can't see like blood pressure, etc, you kinda take things much more seriously, you know?

    I'll let you know my progress... and thanks again for your posts!