Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Sorry it's been a few days since I last wrote here. I've been trying to sort lots of things out... from gigs, to the job... to being on air... to upcoming WNOK contesting and more... not to mention in the least that I've been dealing with some personal stuff which, as you've probably figured out by now, is staying pretty private. If you caught my earlier posts, then you know how hard it can be to live a very public life when very private pain comes around.

But I've found some inspiration in the words of a writer who you may laugh at, but honestly, I am reading his words in this book and I am totally amazed at what it's doing to my inner being. I really want to actually get home to read more of it, but I've got dinner with an old friend, and a mutual member of my family tonight up the road in Charlotte. Pancho Rico y Usted and I are on our way up there tonight and I will be back most likely by midnight to write a bit more.

The thing I've learned about today is the power of making a decision. It can be small... or it can be large, but when you make a decision, it's empowering, and the results are amazing.

So what did I decide?

That there are some areas in life I want to do better. I've decided I am SICK and TIRED of letting some things keep me from performing at an amazing level, and I've decided I am going to own up, take responsibility for mistakes I've made in life and that I am going to do what it takes to reach that optimum level. Now that I've made this first decision, I believe every other decision I have to make will be another step toward a life of amazing results.

I guess I am realizing that we all have the potential in us. We just need to awaken the giant within. Let that giant wake up in me. Wow. Kinda scary hua? "Toby's been reading some weird self-help dogma..."

No, not really. Life has just been a catalyst for me lately... It should be fun to see where it all goes.

Ok... Green Day coming... Lenny Kravitz coming... AND... I really love this new John Legend CD I just was handed by my homies at Columbia Records... Kayne West produced it. It's amazing... "Ordinary People" is the name of the song... For those reading here right now who want to look for my infamous alleged "hidden messages" in my writings, go read the lyrics to the song...

One love...


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