Monday, February 07, 2005

Great. Maybe I shouldn't have gone off on mental illness because now....

... I am sick. LOL. Actually, I felt it coming over the weekend, and like I usually do, I tried to press on and not pay attention to it. Now, I am at home, chillin in an empty house with the heat on and it feels like it's -500 degrees. I think - no, I know - i've got a fever. I am just run down. I've dealt with alot lately, and if you're a fan of the show, then you've not really heard much of it (until today) because God knows I am not one to bitch and moan about being sick or about other crap on the air. My old boss where I came from used to tell me that I was insane for not taking more personal time - or vacation time - or for working even when I was sick, but hey, for me, work can be therapudic. At any rate, it's Campbell's Chicken Soup for me, and hopefully, I'll find my way to a pleasant evening tonight. I hate this feeling. Everyone at the station's had this stuff... Pancho, LJ, Sheena, now me.

So, what thoughts should I pose here for you today that will reveal a glimpse into my life? Well today, as if it was by some form of providence, I heard from two people from my distant past. TWO. Amazing that they called me today... And it actually felt good to hear from them. Like LITERALLY while I was on the phone with one, the other called. Freaky hua? Almost TOO UNCANNY. It was more of the same general "how are you, you ok, have things been good" kinda stuff, but to know they reached out across the distance to connect for a moment really meant a lot to me. Time is a wonderful thing. It's funny, because I remember one time, someone's mom told her that "distance makes the heart grow fonder". Well, that is actually very true. In our case, it actually healed a lot of issues and we've become better friends today. I do know this: Everything for a reason... always. Regardless of what you might think about this "theory" it is, nontheless, an undeniable truth in life.

More to come... let me go make that soup. I've got a couple of thoughts on my mind that I want to get out there tonight... and I won't be able to sleep until I do!

Adios muchachos...

-the admittedly selfish guy who f*ck's everything up.


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Hey Toby........Distance does make the heart grow fonder and sometimes its best to get away from someone you care about just to see how much love you really have for them. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Susan,

    Thank you. Sometimes, time, distance, not speaking or not even seeing someone for sometime can be therapudic. I am finally taking the time to really learn some things about me right now and I really hope that all things do work fo' da good!

    I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts with me...