Monday, February 28, 2005


Constant and Neverending Improvement. It's an idea that i've really come to embrace over the last couple of weeks. It says that as long as you commit to improve at least one thing about yourself every day, you then move into a constant state of becoming better. It's amazing how true that is. If you commit yourself to just making one small change every day that betters yourself, you really DO reach even greater heights!

Sometimes, it means making a decision that you have to improve yourself inspite of what you might have wanted to have happen. Sometimes, it means accepting what is and choosing to make the future - day by day - even better. It's really kind of liberating. But, it's not super-revolutionary. The old saying "just for today" or "step by step" is kind of the driving force of CANI. If you make a choice to better yourself daily, and you maneuver day by day - step by step - no one can stop you!

Anyway, just my thoughts for the day...

Peace out... back to work on some crap here at the house...


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