Friday, January 21, 2005

Welcome to the random musings from a truly Strattera-Soaked mind....

So welcome... to MY journal... my blog... my notebook... my stickie notes... my private virtual papers... whatever you choose to call it, this is the place where you can come to take a glimpse into my mind, where you can read my thoughts and where you can interact with me on a more personal level. As you know, I joined WNOK from a station in Tampa... and the #1 question I get is: Why would you leave Tampa to come here? There's many reasons, but first and foremost is that I believe in WNOK. I believe in the people here. And I believe that we're about to make radio fun again in the Midlands. For me, WNOK is the first step in an incredible journey that I am on, and you're about to go for one HELL of a ride.

I'll write some more a bit later. I am watching some stuff on TV about the big Presidential Hoe-Down in DC. Very - VERY interesting party. Can you believe we spent $40 MILLION on this party? Very interesting. Think of this next time you wonder where you're going to get money for GAS... or for FOOD for your family...

Hope you are well... thank you for listening... and stay close, because it's going to be one HELLUVA ride!


  1. We miss you in Tampa TK. Hope things are going good for you up there. I go to Dana's site everyday. Tell her good job on the dirt. It gives me an escpae from the everyday crap of "real life".

    Take care.
    Nicole in Lakeland

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I hope your blog is as great as Dana's....I can't wait until I hear your view about things.