Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Greetings from the place where the colors mix together to gray...

... I don't know. I just have had "Gray Street" by the DMB in my head for a few minutes tonight. For those who know me well, you know that the ultimate chill music for me at least is anything by Dave Matthews. For my new SC friends, get to know Dave. He's absolutely essential listening if you have stress in your life.

I apologize that it seems that I am on par to keeping up my tradition of sporadic updates to my "random spew" here... Life just grabs me and goes... And I put off taking just 5 minutes to let you in. I'll work harder to do so. Especially since I see that some people who are swinging by here are coming from Dana's blog... And I know you want to see if I have any comebacks, etc, like we used to be notorious for when we were at a previous stop in our careers.

Things have been well. WNOK keeps getting better and better. I can't say enough about the people here who are dedicated to making this station all that it can be. If you haven't listened, you really should. For those playing along with the virtual game, I hope that we can get streaming up on the WNOK.COM site at some point. This station sounds better... and better... every day... and I am quite proud of the work we're doign here.

Great things about Columbia, SC (that I've discovered in my first 60 days): Moes on the USC Campus. Carmen Carmen salon in the Belk at the mall on Harbison (Columbiana, right?). El Chico (although it's not quite as good as a place called Estella's - more on that later). The Vista. Club Ra. Rio Nightlife.

Columbia's issues (that i've discovered so far): The Northeast needs to develop more restaurants. We need an Uno Chicago Grill and they need to finish the Olive Garden on Two Notch Road (for Tampa visitors, Two Notch is like Dale Mabry). Also, Columbia needs a mall on the par of the South Park Mall an hour up the road in Charlotte. I mean, come on. This is the CAPITOL CITY of South Carolina. The area would support it. Right now, the best we've got is a mall that has 30 percent of what we need. Not knocking it, but i think we deserve a bit more. Maybe it's coming. Maybe. God I hope so.

At any rate, Columbia for me has been fun so far. Has it been an adjustment? Oh hell yeah. Especially when the ultra-conservative people cringe when I cry out to the baby-haysus for help on the show. We could go on and on about this subject, but I am tired and need to rouse myself early so I can go to Chic-Fil-A to see Jonathon Rush and the Morning Rush live as people try to score breakfast for a year for free. Chic-Fil-A. You just can't beat them. Remind me to tell you the story of why I liked to go to Chic-Fil-A back in the day. If JK is reading this by chance, or if you know him, shoot him an email and ask him about it. LOL.

Before I go, a word about Jonathon Rush. PRAY he never runs for office. This guy is more connected than the CIA, the BUSH administration, the KGB, MI-6, et al. Thank the baby hay-sus he's on 104.7... he IS Columbia... and he's never suffered from patterassitis which I hear can kill a morning guy's ego, reputation, etc.


Thanks for some of your comments. I'll write more tomorrow. Anything you want to know? Lemme know. OH... and make sure you're signed up to be a WNOK.COM VIP. Especially if you want to meet Tyler Hilton coming up shortly. That's all I'll say for now...

OH - and Happy BDAY to Taylor... she's been a great help to me since I've been here. She keeps me organized on stuff. If you ever meet/see her at a WNOK event, tell her I owe her one!

Also - What up to Dave Farrah... thanks for checkin' out the new WNOK.COM... much love to all the other radio stations who are peepin us out on the web!

OH - and one more thing... much love to Johnny Carson.


- tobias x. knapp III

Friday, January 21, 2005

Welcome to the random musings from a truly Strattera-Soaked mind....

So welcome... to MY journal... my blog... my notebook... my stickie notes... my private virtual papers... whatever you choose to call it, this is the place where you can come to take a glimpse into my mind, where you can read my thoughts and where you can interact with me on a more personal level. As you know, I joined WNOK from a station in Tampa... and the #1 question I get is: Why would you leave Tampa to come here? There's many reasons, but first and foremost is that I believe in WNOK. I believe in the people here. And I believe that we're about to make radio fun again in the Midlands. For me, WNOK is the first step in an incredible journey that I am on, and you're about to go for one HELL of a ride.

I'll write some more a bit later. I am watching some stuff on TV about the big Presidential Hoe-Down in DC. Very - VERY interesting party. Can you believe we spent $40 MILLION on this party? Very interesting. Think of this next time you wonder where you're going to get money for GAS... or for FOOD for your family...

Hope you are well... thank you for listening... and stay close, because it's going to be one HELLUVA ride!